Sheep sentenced to three years in prison for killing a woman in South Sudan


In a strange development, a sheep in South Sudan has been sentenced to three months in prison after being found guilty of murdering a woman. Yes, you read that right!

The victim, identified as 45-year-old woman Adew Chepping, was attacked by sheep in early May. Adiu was repeatedly attacked by sheep and as a result, he broke his ribs and later died, Sudan said. i radio.

The sheep were caught and detained at a police station in Maleng Agok Payam. Speaking to the media, Major Elijah Maybor said, “The owner is innocent and the ram is the one who committed the crime, so he deserves to be arrested, then later the case will be referred to the customs court where the case will be disposed of in amicable manner. may be assigned with. .”

According to local media reports, sheep owner Duoni Manyang Dhal has been ordered by the court to give five cows to the victim’s family. Also, the owner and the victim’s family are related and neighbors and have signed an agreement with the police to finalize the deal.

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