Shekhar Kapur: Nice when a film competes theatrically and does well


At a time when people go to theaters for a larger-than-life experience with action-packed and VFX-heavy films, what is Shekhar Kapur’s love for it? Comes as a breath of fresh air. The Shabana Azmi And the Emma Thompson-starrer, with a screenplay by Jemima Khan, was released in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia in February. The cross-cultural romantic comedy which is set to release in India in March, has opened to great acclaim at international film festivals.

Despite the release of Hollywood’s big-name Marvels, the response was not surprising to Kapoor and Azmi. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania. After missing the London premiere, Azmi attended the Toronto Film Festival. “We got two standing ovations [at TTF]. At the Jeddah Film Festival, the press gave us good reviews,” says the actor, adding that the film did well in the UK. “It’s a lovely film about identity [made] With a lot of heart. I’m crossing my fingers that people in India like it too. “As a filmmaker, when you are working with creativity, intensity and passion, you have to accept that your passion and The emotions will also be shared by the audience. . My films have always been appreciated by film festivals and theater audiences—be it Maasoom, Mr. India, Elizabeth, Four Feathers or What’s Love With It?” What does love have to do with it, he feels? Something that is attracting audiences and competing with big Hollywood movies.

What does love have to do with it? is a cross-cultural romantic comedy

Azmi claims that apart from the lure of working with Kapoor and Thomson, he liked the script, which convinced him to come on board. “It’s smart, funny, and takes a loving view of the Asian community. It shows two cultures so different from each other, without passing judgement, just observations that are true. Emma watched the film both times and said, ‘I’m so proud to be a part of it.’ It was too good an offer to resist. “

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Kapoor said that the March release should be censored in India first. “We hope to have it done by next month, and then we can have a summer release. “Although OTT platforms have some good things, it’s good when a film like Ki Pyaar Hai has to do with it? Dramatically competes and performs well,” he shares, adding that if people talk about what love has to do with it? 30 years later, he will consider it a success.

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