Smart tech tips to make summer travel cheaper and less stressful


Delays can occur as the day progresses, so your best bet to make sure you get on the plane is to choose a flight before 3pm on Wednesday, one of the cheapest days to fly. , so your plan is: Wednesday before 3 p.m.

Pro tip: You can check where your plane is to get an idea if your upcoming flight will be delayed. The airline you’re flying on may display it in the app, or you can use it Flight Aware. Enter your flight number to get details about the aircraft and its location.

3. Flying internationally? Get this app

Mobile Passport Control is a free US Customs and Border Protection app that lets you get back home faster. Unlike CLEAR or TSA PreCheck, you don’t need a pre-approval.

All you have to do is download the app and fill out the form when you land, then go to the “Mobile Passport Control” lane at the airport. sweet

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Download for iPhone or android.

4. Take pictures before you go

You always need to carry identification when traveling, but it’s also wise to have a digital backup. Worst case scenario, you lose your wallet. Getting home will be much easier if you have photos of all your important documents.

The easiest way to do this on iPhone is to use the handy document scanner built into the native Notes app.

Honolulu, Hawaii, is a popular travel destination for summer 2023. (iStock)

  • Open Notes and tap on Compose icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Above the keyboard, tap + symbol and then Camera icon.
  • There, you can select a photo you’ve already taken, take a new photo or scan documents.

On an Android, take some photos and mark them as favorites in your picture gallery or scan them with the Google Drive app.

Pro tip: Save your credentials as PDF files to send to another device or two, such as an iPad or Kindle. Download them to access them offline in advance and send a copy to your travel companion.

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5. No more paper boarding passes

If you aren’t already, you’ll thank me. Stop carrying around a printed board pass and access a digital version.

You can log on to the airline’s website and ask them to email you your boarding pass or download your airline’s app to access it. From there, you can add it to your phone’s digital wallet.

  • If you receive your boarding pass via email, Apple Mail can automatically add it to your Wallet. Otherwise, open the email attachment and tap Add to Apple Wallet > add.
  • On Android, use the Google Wallet app. Follow the instructions here.

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