Students at Kerala University to get 6-month maternity leave


Image source: University of Kerala Kerala University students will get 6 months maternity leave

Kerala University on March 6 announced maternity leave of up to six months for female students above the age of 18, with the state government informing institutions of higher education in the state to increase the compulsory attendance of women to 73% on account of menstrual leave. can limit to .

The University Syndicate agreed that a student taking maternity leave of up to six months can return to class without reapplying. According to the syndicate, college administrators must assess applicants’ medical data before allowing them to re-enroll in classes without permission from the university.

The institution has already reduced the minimum compulsory attendance for girl students from 75% to 73%.

In January, the higher education department ordered menstrual leave for students in all higher education institutions in Kerala. Mahatma Gandhi University was the first to announce a revolutionary reform in the higher education system that took gender equality into account.

Additionally, Kerala University of Health Sciences has agreed to grant 6 months maternity leave to its students who are enrolled in other colleges. The decision was taken during a meeting held at the administrative center of the university on Saturday. The government has recommended that state colleges may grant up to 6 weeks of maternity leave to students; However, Kerala University of Health Sciences has decided to grant 6 months leave.

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