Sununu says Trump will not be GOP nominee in 2024: ‘Not going to happen’


New Hampshire Gov. and potential presidential contender Chris Sunu joked Sunday that former President Donald Trump has no chance of winning the 2024 Republican nomination.

listen to Asked on NBC News ‘Meet the Press’ About the Republican National Committee — which wants GOP candidates to pledge their support to the party’s eventual nominee — said he’s fine with doing so.

But regardless, Trump will not be the party’s choice, the poll said.

“As far as former President Trump, I think he’s going to run — obviously he’s in the running. He’s not going to be the nominee. It’s not going to happen,” the governor said.

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity to bring the Republican Party forward — not what we were, not yesterday’s leadership or yesterday’s story, or whining about what happened in November ’22 — but what we’re going to bring. Go to the table and get it done tomorrow, and that’s what America is looking for,” Sunu said

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sunu made it clear on Sunday that former President Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee in 2024.
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“And so I’m really confident that whoever comes out of the Republican nomination process is going to lead this country and be able to win in ’24, and I’m going to support them,” he added. said

Sunu’s assessment of Trump’s campaign came a day after the former president appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, delivered a keynote speech and ran away with a straw poll of potential 2024 contenders.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has not yet officially announced his potential candidacy, finished second in the poll with 20%, followed by Michigan businessman Perry Johnson with 5%, former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Healey 3% and industrialist Vivek Ramaswamy 1%.

Former President Donald Trump speaks to reporters Saturday before his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference.
Former President Donald Trump spoke to reporters Saturday before his rousing speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference.
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Sunu dismissed the poll and predicted that DeSantis would win the Republican primary in New Hampshire if the election were held today.

“There’s no doubt in my mind about it,” he said.

Sunnu also gave this message for Trump.

“See, again, ‘Thank you for your service. We are moving forward.’ I don’t believe the Republican Party is going to say that the best leadership for tomorrow’s America is tomorrow’s leadership. It makes no sense,” said Sunu.

Asked about his own presidential intentions in 2024, Sununu, who was elected to a fourth two-year term in November, said he was “not focusing on the decision at the moment.

“My mission is to make sure we make this party clear. You can’t govern if you don’t win, and so I’m really focused on how we win,” he said.

“No matter who the candidate is, how are we going to win in November ’24? Well, we’ve got to attract independents, we’ve got to get the next generation of voters more on board.

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