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Image Source: Arun Yadav (Twitter Handle) Swiggy took down the new ‘Egg Adv’ billboard for Holi after social media outrage

Controversy: Indian online food ordering and delivery platform, Swiggy is facing backlash for its new ad run for the festival of Holi. Billboards advertising Swiggy’s eggs for Holi have been removed after users expressed their displeasure on social media. According to reports, billboards depicting eggs were only in Delhi-NCR.

Billboards were taken down

The ad says, “Omelet – Sunny side-up – Kisei Ke Sara Paar. #BuraMatKhelo. Get your Holi essentials at Instamart.” While there is no official statement from Swiggy on the matter, a source told PTI, “The billboard ads were only in Delhi-NCR and have now been removed.”

Soon after the ad was aired, several people tweeted with the hashtag “Hinduphobic Swiggy”, urging people to boycott the food and grocery delivery service provider.

Anger on social media

A member of All India Sadhu Samaj and former president of Kutch Sant Samaj wrote, “Hey @swiggy, imparting selective knowledge on Hindu festivals is not okay. Your Holi reel and billboard are creating a wrong perception about Holi. You should apologise. and steps should be taken to promote cultural inclusion.”

VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi also objected as she wrote, “Hey Swiggy, why don’t you give similar knowledge on Eid/Christmas? Sir tan se juda gang? Because you serve different communities, It is important for you to learn to respect all. Religion. Remove your Holi ads.”

While former Gujarat Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha president Hardik Bhavsar said, “Immediately uninstalled”, former BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh Arun Kumar Yadav wrote, “By posting controversial billboards and reels, #HinduPhobicSwiggy has alienated millions of people. Hurt sentiments. Swiggy should apologize to the Hindu community and remove them immediately or face consequences. Why is their lack of similar ads during non-Hindu festivals?”

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