`The Night Manager better than Pathaan` takes over Twitter trends


Spy thriller as a genre is currently a magnet attracting a lot of attention from the audience. Audiences have recently seen an interesting spy thriller, ‘Pathan’, which is visually stunning and stunning. The way it has created records around all corners is a proof that the time has come that this genre is going to establish its own kingdom. The film kept the audience on the edge of their seats which led to its massive success. One such masterpiece spy thriller that released recently is ‘The Night Manager’. After taking over the OTT screens with its release, the show is indeed emerging as a winner with ‘Pathan’ standards to match. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a superbly packed entertainment box.

This is the time we as an audience have been waiting for a great spy thriller, thanks to directors Priyanka Ghosh, Rukh Nabil, and Sandeep Modi who have conceptualized and produced shows like ‘The Night Manager’. Well studded with Anil Kapoor’s stunning and glamorous cast, Aditya Roy Kapur, and Sobhita Dhulipala, it’s well-presented content on OTT grounds that stands out and wins, be it in terms of glam factor or its suspenseful storyline, the series has a lot to offer its audience. . Extra large scale. The stunning cinematography compliments the visuals very aptly making every frame a beautiful visual to set our sights on. Truly stunning in its production value, this series is well equipped with stylish action like you have seen in ‘Pathan’.

On Wednesday, fans took over Twitter trends comparing ‘The Night Manager’ with the recently released spy thriller Pathan. ‘TNM better than Pathan’ started trending on Twitter with fans appreciating the show.

The show is an adaptation of the British television series The Night Manager.

Moreover, if we see how `Pathan‘ has impressed audiences, The Night Manager is no less. One can guarantee that this 4 episodic series will give the audience a much needed spy thriller that they have always been waiting for. It’s a surprise package that the audience never expected but this series has it all.

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