TikToker makes Prince Harry ‘South Park’ book cover ‘WAAAGH’


“South Park” cartoons are coming to the real world.

A TikTok usersKnown as Kelly on the social media platform, A Can I smell it A parody of Prince Harry’s book cover was featured in a recent episode of the Comedy Central animated series.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, debuted his smash memoir “Spare” in January, and “South Park” dubbed a novel written by a former Canadian prince “WAAAGH.”

The episode featured the former royal family of Canada on a “worldwide privacy tour” where they appear on a variety of talk shows to rant about their desire for privacy.

“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone included a cover for “WAAAGH” that looks suspiciously like Harry’s, with a red-headed, fringed cartoon prince in a close-up shot.

Kelly is a designer and an illustrator who recreated Harry’s fake book cover from “South Park”.

Inspired by the episode, Kelly Animated cover brought to lifeRepresents the image through graphic design software.

In a variety of TikToks, Kelly demonstrates her process, as well as placing a fake book jacket over an actual hardcover novel.

After printing the mock book jacket, Kelly placed it on top of the actual book.
After printing the mock book jacket, Kelly placed it on top of the actual book.

After designing the wrapping on his computer, he printed the cover and folded it to the correct dimensions.

Before buying a “spare” to fit a new jacket, Kelly c Put it on top 2003 of Patricia Macdonald’s novel “Doubtful Origin”.

“And I think he writes the jokes himself,” he said in a video.

Kelly again aimed at To buy the former royal’s memoir after fans demanded the original, 410-page tell.

"WAAAGH" In real life.
“WAAAGH” in real life.

The art influencer’s idea garnered a lot of comments from his audience, who couldn’t help but laugh at the fake cover.

“My f – – king hero,” someone said. With another person: “I love it.”

Kelly joked that she was "forced" To make the book cover fun.
Kelly joked that he was “forced” to create the book cover for the joke.

“I love the ‘Worldwide Privacy Tour,'” wrote one. “Can you sell it so I can put it on my cover of ‘Spare?’ ” one user asked.

One fan laughed: “Man this is so cute! Nasty as hell!!” Another said: “You are a hero!”

“Thank you for using your graphic design skills for chaotic evil,” one person wrote. “I want to make a bunch of them and put them on the actual books in the store!”

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