US military jet flown by AI for 17 hours: Should you be worried?


Yes, you read the title correctly. United States Department of Defense Recently confirmed That artificial intelligence successfully flew a jet similar to the F-16 for 17 hours.

How did this flight happen?

The jet was flown in a series of 12 flights from Edwards Air Force Base in Kern County, California in December 2022.

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The Department of Defense used an experimental aircraft called the Vista X-62A for the flights. Safety pilots were on board throughout the flights in case anything went wrong.

However, the jet was under the control of one of four different AI algorithms at any given time during the tests and everything ran smoothly. The algorithm was developed and tested by what is known as Air Combat Evolution (ACE). Using this allowed them to proceed on missions and training.

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The US Air Force is testing jets that fly with artificial intelligence. (United States Air Force photo by Kyle Brazier)

What did the jet do during the experiment?

This jet did more than just fly through the sky. The Defense Department had the jet participate in several simulated combat missions as well as dogfighting during practice takeoffs and landings.

While most aircraft today have autopilot systems, this is the first time artificial intelligence has been involved in any form of air combat.

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A new jet capable of being flown by AI is being tested by the military.

A new jet capable of being flown by AI is being tested by the military. (United States Air Force photo by Alex R. Lloyd)

What does this mean for the future of flight?

It was part of a joint project between the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the US Air Force to advance autonomous flight technology.

Although no such test has been announced yet, it is a big step for our armed forces to protect the country.

Artificial intelligence is already proving to be the way of the future in other fields, such as automobile driving, so it makes sense that the military is moving in the same direction.

If more tests continue to be successful, it will not be surprising to see the military use artificial intelligence in combat as a way to advance our combat strategies and protect the lives of our men and women in the armed forces. Begins to choose.

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What are the potential downsides of the US military using AI?

While AI technology has advanced in recent years, there is always the possibility of technical problems or glitches occurring during flight.

For example, if the AI ​​system malfunctions or encounters a problem, it may not be able to make the correct adjustments to fly the aircraft safely.

Another potential concern is the lack of human judgment. While AI can be programmed to make decisions based on a wide range of data and information, it may not be able to replicate the decisive decision-making abilities of a human pilot.

In an emergency or unexpected event, a human pilot may be better equipped to make the right call versus an AI.

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A new type of jet, piloted by AI, is being tested to participate in dogfights, combat missions and more.

A new type of jet, piloted by AI, is being tested to participate in dogfights, combat missions and more. (United States Air Force photo by Kyle Brazier)

Another negative is the security risk of the military using AI. Using AI in military aircraft raises concerns about cybersecurity and the possibility of hacking or other cyber-attacks. Suppose a malicious person were to gain control of an AI system. In that case, they could potentially use the aircraft for harmful purposes against the US as well

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We cannot talk about AI without considering job losses. The increased use of technology in military aircraft could potentially lead to job losses for human pilots.

Finally, some may have ethical concerns about using AI in military operations, particularly if the technology is used in autonomous weapon systems that can make life-and-death decisions without human intervention.

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As you can see, there is a lot at stake, and it will be interesting to see if AI eventually replaces a pilot in a military jet in the future.

What do you think about our military using artificial intelligence? Tell us your thoughts.

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