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the pump Brake What fresh hell is this?

Emotional carnage reaches record levels in wake of reality TV “Vanderpump Rules” star’s shocking revelation Tom Sandoval has been having a months-long affair with cast mate Raquel LewisThe Admittedly bestie of his long-time girlfriend, Ariana Maddix.

Dark Deed came out when Maddix was supporting his two-time man and his cover band Most Extra (I Roll) when they took the stage at his bar TomTom in West Hollywood. After the show, Medics discovered A clear video of Lewis’ manipulation of Sandoval’s phone. Damn.

After watching the “Intimate” video, Maddix called Lewis, who was in NYC filming “Watch What Happens Live” with VPR costar Scheana Shay. After confirming the affair Lewis accuses Shay, in true Ride or Die Taurus fashion and in the name of scorned women everywhere, Punched him in the face. And you thought you had a stressful week. Maddix has since ended his relationship with Sandoval and Lewis, which has been Fired by the cast, Filed a restraining order against Shay.

“Vanderpump Rules” is currently filming Season 10, but you can sharpen your knives and Prepare for a cage match When the reunion begins shooting at the end of March. Let the tea spill and bleed. In the meantime, read on to learn more about the astrological energy behind this scandal and to get to know more between these cast mates.

Tom Sandoval, Anatomy of a Badass

Tom Sandoval is a moody Cancer Sun with an erratic Gemini Moon.
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No point in a birth chart confirms or denies whether a person is a benevolent piece of trash because we are not born to cheat. That being said, Sandoval’s stars have a lot of f–k boi energy at play.

Born on July 7, 1983, our man is a Cancer Sun with a Gemini Moon. Cancer is ruled by emotions and Gemini is terminally ambivalent, a combination that lends itself to severe detachment in the name of self-gratification/preservation. This helps explain how and why the Sandoval case went unsolved for so long. Save for Andy Cohen’s doubts And Insights from Lala Kent.

According to the laws of physics, an object in motion remains in motion and a benevolent friend remains in the course of philandering. We see this in Sandoval who had an emotional affair with Maddix, which culminated in a make out session in Las Vegas, while he was still dating his then-girlfriend Kristen Dott… who then became Lewis’ future partner. Dated fiancé James Kennedy. The emotional acting of this cast is absolutely outstanding.

I withdraw

Tom Sandoval and Arianna Medicus pose in Schwartz and Sandy’s lounge.
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Ariana Maddix is ​​not naive, Tom Sandoval is a warrior shapeshifter.

Sandoval’s Sun/Moon conjunction is almost universal in its ability to manipulate, entitle, gaslight, and justify acts of emotional terrorism. Ariana Maddix is ​​not naive, Tom Sandoval is a warrior shapeshifter. He claimed he couldn’t come clean about the cheating because they shared a house and he was “worried about how it would affect his mental health”…. But, don’t like worried enough not to f–k his friend said at home when he was out of town.

A Gemini Moon like Sandoval feels tied to his own Cancer Sun or a Cancer partner like the Medics. This Moon craves freedom and variety, cheap thrills and constant stimulation. The placement of Moon on it is unstable and unsatisfying.

Add to your soup that Sandoval has Mars in Cancer. In astrology, Mars is the planet of action and conflict and is seriously debilitated in the sign of Mars. Unable to fully express or exercise himself, Mars in Cancer tends toward indirect aggression, narcissism, temper tantrums, complete lack of accountability, side-eying, side-stepping and reticence. Look no further than Sandoval’s recent mea culpa for proof, with a clear emphasis on ME as the initial attempt at public atonement and no mention of Ariana Madix instead. urged haters not to boycott his recently opened lounge Schwartz and Sandy’s. I can’t even be with this dude.

Raquel Lewis is at the beginning of her karmic reckoning

Raquel has venus in shade loving scorpio.
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Born September 12, 1994, Raquel Lewis is a Virgo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, with Venus in Scorpio. In terms of deadly attraction, Lewis’s Venus in Scorpio trines Sandoval’s Mars in Cancer, a surefire sign of an instant physical spark.

Prior to Scandal, Lewis was busy casting partner James Kennedy. The former beauty queen recently came into discussion due to this Working with “the other Tom”. (a better band name IMO) Tom Schwartz after his split from Capricorn’s wife and Blunt Bob’s master, Katie Maloney. Lewis also caught shade from friends and spectators Together with Oliver SaundersWhich was still there Married at their indiscreet time.

Why the constant mess of men’s interactions?

Lewis has Venus in the dark waters of Scorpio, the planet of love, attraction and attachment. This is a Venus that thrives on taboo and has a sweet tooth for secrecy and the more scandalous the circumstances, the harder it is to resist this Venus placement. If it does not run and contain the risk of social ruin A secret lightning bolt cheaters wear charm, it doesn’t get their blood pumping or their loins warm. Unreasonably Hot Take: Lewis breaks off her engagement to James Kennedy because of her secret feelings for the cover band coxman. Interestingly, Lewis’s Venus in Scorpio falls in his twelfth house of hidden enemies and self-indulgence. You do yourself bb.

Vanderpump Rules -- "the reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Lisa Vanderpump, James Kennedy, Raquel Lewis -- (Photo: Christopher Polk/Bravo)
Lewis posed with her pastel-painted ex-fiancé James Kennedy.
Christopher Pollock/Bravo

How will Lewis pay the rent after the affair? Virgo is punishingly self-critical, sometimes consumed with how they could and should have been better, and Venus in Scorpio writhes like a vampire in the midday sun when their dirty Laundry is aired. It all adds up to ouch, folks. I’m not suggesting that Lewis is a victim, I’m saying that we can be confident that his self-flagellation is well underway. Also, Scorpio placement speaks of revenge so it tracks that Lewis. Threatened legal action against his caste mates.

Add to the mix that Raquel has Saturn in Pisces. Saturn is the father planet of punishment, tough love and hard knocks that enters the waters of Pisces on March 7, signaling Lewis’s Saturn return. For Lewis that karmic reckoning came early and right but the painful lessons she is now learning and the full weight of the pain she went through to make her the person she is meant to be through fire and public condemnation. For Lewis we can only hope that Saturn = reality through trouble.

The best is yet to come for Ariana Maddix

SANTA MONICA, CA - NOVEMBER 11: Ariana Maddix attends the People's Choice Awards 2018 at Barker Hangar on November 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, California.  (Photo by Matt Winklemeyer/Getty Images)
Ariana Madix is ​​a Cancer Sun with a Virgo Moon.
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Ariana Maddix, born June 24, 1985, is a Cancer with a Virgo Moon and thus shares a Sun Sign with Tom Sandoval. Of course these two crabs bought a house together and are reportedly still there Live in it together Because that’s what Cancers do, they build a nest, even and especially when the nest is made of suspicion, body wax, and trauma bonds. When Cancers do reach for coupling, it is usually for a long time and they endure despite and because of the apparent incompatibility.

Maybe this couple needs something irresistible to walk between them to find the different paths they’re ultimately meant to take. In terms of synastry aspects, Sandoval’s Neptune in Sagittarius aspects Maddix’s Moon in Virgo, suggesting that Maddix’s end in connection with Sandoval’s escapades, vices, and habit of getting between the legs of his friends There is stress and confusion/emotional distress.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Maddix.
Tom Sandoval and Ariana Medicus, a Cancer couple sharing a house and surviving a scandal.
Bravo/Watch What Happens Live

Venus in Scorpio squirms like a vampire in the midday sun while airing their dirty laundry.

He has never been able to see her clearly or fully trust her because of this aspect and others in his chart that support her lizard wizard energy. Based on their respective birth charts, Sandoval and Maddix were more limited than expansive to each other and as she moves away from the pair’s car accident she begins to see him for who he is and his compassion and Great “fixer” to invest in. Virgo Moon energy in itself.

Keep your head up and your eyebrows straight, baby. Believe that it is all falling apart so that it can come together.

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