‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant’s ‘flub’ costs her $1 million prize, trip


He felt the heat.

“Wheel of Fortune” fans marveled at a player’s unfortunate puzzle-solving skills that prevented him from winning a life-changing sum of money on Friday’s episode of the long-running game show.

Contestant Miki was just three letters away from completing a puzzle in the “Thing” category — and she had already landed a $1 million wage, plus a vacation to Croatia.

The Louisiana native had the support of the live studio audience as he was instructed by longtime host Pat Sajak to pick another letter.

The board read: “FIRE ROUND IN FIRE _ _ A _ E.” The unsolved word was “fireplace.”

Contestant Mickey misguessed a letter that was not in the puzzle, costing him a potential $1 million prize and a trip to Croatia.

But Mickey disappointed the live studio audience audibly when he asked Sajak to put an “S” on the board, which would set off a wrong-answer buzzer.

“You’ve got a reaction. No ‘S,’ I’m sorry,” Sajak said of the crowd’s disappointment.

One “Wheel” fan in Mickey’s mess wondered on Twitter if his recent mistakes were better or worse.

A user Surveyed Internet, citing a miscalculation during Teen Week. “A) Frag…b) Fireplace… I’d go B because it changed the whole game.”

Only three contestants have won the $1 million prize "wheel of fortune"
Only three contestants on “Wheel of Fortune” have won the $1 million prize, a show representative said.

'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Blows Up by Angry Fans After Losing Millions of Dollars
One fan on Twitter compared Mickey’s mistake to the latest one. A young contestant guessed a letter incorrectly to complete this seemingly easy puzzle.

On that episode, contestant Khushi was one letter away from a trip to Antigua when she incorrectly solved a board with “FRE_H TROPICAL FRUIT”.

Twitter users accused the teenager of “zoning out” and losing a seemingly obvious “freshness”.

“Frag tropical fruit also changed the game. It was a prize puzzle, so she even missed out on vacation,” another fan replied.

A contestant can compete for $1 million in the bonus round if they land a $1 million wager during regular game play, solve the puzzle and win the game. That amount is placed in one of the bonus round envelopes.

Officials of the show TikTok page revealed last week that only three contestants won the $1 million prize. The current version of the series has been aired since 1983.

Also last week, “Wheel” fans roasted a contestant for her lack of knowledge cheesy Bagel toppings.

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