Why is it okay to give The Squad a pass on ethics abuses?


Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has acknowledged the sins of fellow Republican George Santos, but are Democrats going to say anything about the litany of serious ethical problems plaguing their beloved media darlings in “The Squad”?

Or is it of no interest because the media can’t make gay jokes about it? (New York magazine gleefully labeled Santos “Mega’s newest ‘It’ girl.”)

The Office of Congressional Ethics recommended Thursday that the Ethics Committee continue its investigation of Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after she attended the elite 2021 Met Gala glamour-fest, including a “rich tax” dress. He donated to his adoring fans in the press. The office claimed AOC received fashion accessories, jewelry, and hair and makeup services without paying for anything — even before it launched its investigation.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still in hot water after allegedly receiving “inappropriate gifts” while attending the 2021 Met Gala.
Getty Images for the Met Museum/Vogue

Rep.  George Santos
House Ethics Panel Rep. George is starting an investigation on Santos.

But still, invoices for luxury wear and primping were discounted and AOC failed to pay on time, the office report said.

He has got plenty of company in his party of swindlers and schemers. Missouri Democrat Rep. Cory Bush, who wants to abolish the police, paid $60,000 for personal security to a man with whom she is romantically involved and who does not have the legally required license to perform that duty. That man is now her husband.

George Santos is believed to be lying about being part of a prestigious collegiate volleyball team, but does House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries feel any shame about Bush? A little bit?

At least Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Democrat and America’s Most Ungrateful Refugee. She divorced the father of her three children after it was reported that she was having an affair with a man – whose company she paid millions in campaign funds to!

Certainly, Omar conned innocent donors so that he could become rich enough to become her husband. But did you notice that George Santos denied being a drag queen?!

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has admitted the sins of fellow Republican George Santos.

It’s not so much that it’s a bunch of Democrats who talk to everyone else while they flout rules and laws that would put anyone else in jail. This is ideal for a party that believes they are above the rules.

But that the media excuses, encourages and enforces the de facto hierarchy. As of this writing the New York Times has not written a single word about AOC’s potential ethics violations. On Thursday, the paper ran a story in the A section titled, “House Ethics Committee Opens Investigation into Santos.” Both represent New York.

Interesting how it works.

Eddie Scarry is the DC columnist for The Federalist.

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