Within Our Lifetime targets The Post over Israel Hamas war


Pro-Hamas thugs have now targeted The New York Post — and we couldn’t be prouder.

Within Our Lifetime, an organization dedicated to the “abolition of Zionism” (a k a the destruction of Israel), on Wednesday posted a map with several physical-address New York targets for “direct action” to “globalize intifada,” under the rubric KNOW YOUR ENEMY. 

The list included The New York Times, BlackRock and a raft of Jewish groups — all targeted for standing with Israel and against the inhuman atrocities of Hamas. (Or in the Times’ case, presumably not being anti-Israel enough.) 

Some groups, like the World Jewish Congress, look like they got picked out simply for being Jewish. 

No shock, since Within Our Lifetime’s chief is recent CUNY Law commencement speaker Nerdeen Kiswani, notorious for openly fantasizing about the deaths of Jews. 

Let’s be clear: The “direct action” called for here is not a euphemism.

It means programmatic intimidation and even violence to terrorize all those who dare question or oppose. 

The group’s 120,000-plus followers on Instagram know exactly what was meant. 

Within Our Lifetime is not fighting for Palestinians, but for terror

And it shared the map because, after the Oct. 7 butcheries, Israel launched a justified counterattack against Hamas’ Gaza stronghold. 

In other words, Within Our Lifetime proudly backs the baby-beheaders. 

These groups are counting on ignorance, indoctrination and intimidation to turn America against a Middle East democracy. Which means journalists and average citizens need to keep the pressure up and the sunlight shining in.

As that fight against New York’s new pogromists continues, we’ll wear our target like a badge of honor. 

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