Women`s Day Exclusive! Sreejita De: I become best friends with women on set


the actress Srijita D Which was recently seen as a competitor Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 16’ interacted with mid-day.com to celebrate Women’s Day. Debunking the myth that two actresses can’t be friends, she said, “Whenever I do a show, I become good friends with the women on the sets. Dimple Jhangyani while doing ‘Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi’ I had a great relationship with. Good bond with Niyati Phatnani and Monalisa while doing ‘Nazr’. Right now I have a great bond with Priyanka (Chahar Chaudhary), I think it’s just a myth, female actors are very good friends. can and inspire each other. There’s always something more to learn from another actor or person. It’s more about inspiration than jealousy.”

The actress says she is happy to see women in every department of television and film production. “We have female directors and DOPs, we have camerawomen. People are not very welcoming and open to such roles.”

Recalling the time when she started out as a new artist, the actress said, “It was not easy because I didn’t know anyone from the industry, not even a casting person because my mother -The father is not from here. And who is the casting director and creative head. As a newbie in Mumbai it is difficult to navigate your way in the city. You have to start by accepting some small roles and making some contacts there. . I was lucky that things came. In a smooth way. Every actor has to go through a lot of personal and mental struggles. I was only 18 when I started, so there were people who would try to take advantage. And I had to find my way.”

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