Would you buy this skeleton-filled TX home for $125K?


This haunted house is looking for a living member to sign its deed.

In the small town of Baird, Texas, there is a house It went viral To be one of the scariest residential real estate listings to hit District In recent memory.

The three-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom ranch-style residence asking $125,000 doesn’t seem worthy of the Internet hype at first glance: The exclusive listing image shows a white structure with a gated yard and less-than-vibrant-looking landscaping.

Interior shots, however, show a cursed paradise full of demonic decorations – from multiple coffins to numerous skeletons, ghosts galore and giant spiders.

There are also various exploratory entrances, including a faux living room fireplace that serves as a secret gateway to the kitchen, and additional storage rooms that are accessed through open coffins.

In fact, the entire 2,000 square foot main house is dripping in undead and their belongings.

“Also space for gurneys to perform late night surgeries,” list Notes

The house measures in at 2,000 square feet.
Tina Irias

13 vultures haunt the Texas mansion
The house is also currently in use as a parody funeral parlor.
Tina Irias

13 vultures haunt the Texas mansion
It is unclear whether in-house medical staff receive Medicaid.
Tina Irias

There are also plenty of other spooky delights on the 2-acre grounds, ranging from the schlocky to the terrifying.

There are a variety of buildings including a painted school bus, a fake graveyard and an “outdoor portable bathroom”.

The married owners, KW SYNERGY listing agent Tina Irias told the Post, just love Halloween.

She first met the recently retired couple a few years ago, when they were selling property in a different area.

“They’re not demonic or anything like that,” Irias told the Post. “They are the loveliest people. They just love Halloween.

They inform her of their love for the holiday by warning her before she sees the first property, but Irias – who admits she “hates haunted houses” – is still unprepared.

13 vultures haunt the Texas mansion
Some common living room coffins.
Tina Irias

13 vultures haunt the Texas mansion
The kitchen appears to be experiencing a giant spider attack.
Tina Irias

13 vultures haunt the Texas mansion
Horror abounds.
Tina Irias

“I was expecting a pumpkin. It wasn’t a pumpkin,” he said.

She asked the couple to pack away their hideous decorations before taking the listing photos. They didn’t.

“When I opened the pictures I was shocked,” she recalled. “I gave personal signs to other agents, ‘Just let your buyers ignore the coffin coffee table.'”

This time he took the photos himself and, despite its variety, received multiple offers within 24 hours of the listing going live.

In addition to the house, the owners are also willing to sell their vast collection of hair-raising furniture — as well as the name and rights to the haunted house they’re running here in October — for an additional $75,000, or a total of $200,000.

The attraction, called Thirteen Vultures, brings in about 1,800 people each year, Irias said.

13 vultures haunt the Texas mansion
From the outside, the ranch-style building is unassuming.
Tina Irias

Thirteen vultures haunt the Texas mansion
A temporary graveyard.
Tina Irias

13 vultures haunt the Texas mansion
A painted school bus on the field.
Tina Irias

Its websiteHe clarified, the site advertises horrific events that have taken place, but these are all creative lies created for the purpose of entertaining guests.

However, some guests have reported a strange energy in the house.

“Some people say they feel a presence in the house, and we’ve had some photos with the orbs,” explained owner Clu Burnham. guardian.

Even if the house is truly haunted, the state doesn’t require sellers to tell buyers much.

“In Texas, all we have to do is tell if there was a homicide on the property, and of course there wasn’t,” Irias said.

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