You can condemn Capitol riot and still have questions about that day


January 6, 2021 was a shameful day in American history, a riot was incited by the sore loser Donald Trump to stay in power.

There are also questions about the actions of the Capitol Police that day, and whether some of the people who entered the building were mistreated by the courts.

Both things can be true. But it’s a sign of how polarized we are as a society — and the way elites insult Americans’ intelligence — that such balance is vilified and even censored.

On Monday night, Tucker Carlson aired footage from January 6 that the public didn’t see. Some of it was all too familiar: People flooded the Capitol, brazenly breaking windows and doors to try to stop Joe Biden from becoming president.

But some of the content is clearly strange. Why do two cops follow “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chanceley, even opening the door for him to walk onto the Senate floor? Why wasn’t he kicked out of the building, or arrested?

Capitol Police told the Post that they were outnumbered, that they told Chanceley to leave but he did not. They weren’t trying too hard.

The behavior and influence of the Capitol Police certainly should have been part of that day’s investigation, but the January 6 committee did not agree in that direction either.

Jacob Chansley, the so-called “Qunan Shaman” was the symbol of the riot.
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Chanceley argued at trial what the video shows — that the police helped him. The judge still sentenced him to nearly four years in prison. Is this punishment justified? And were other riot defendants held too long or in questionable circumstances?

Asking this question is not meant to dismiss the events of January 6. Those who barged into the capitol in a despicable manner and killed the police should be prosecuted.

Trump is generally declaring himself “completely innocent”, which is ridiculous. He incited a mob, turned it against his own vice president, then watched the whole thing unfold on TV because he did nothing to stop it. He is responsible for what happened, and is not eligible to return to elected office.

Yet Democrats and the liberal media believe that once you reach that conclusion, you are not allowed to examine anything else about that day. The Twitter mob descends on anyone who doesn’t stick to the “narrative.”

This happens again and again.

Take Jeff Zucker, who told CNN reporters not to investigate a possible Covid-19 lab leak because it was a “Trump talking point.” So the truth left politics behind.

Don’t question John Fetterman’s sanity, lest you jeopardize the Democratic chances of taking over the Senate. Don’t report on Hunter Biden’s laptop, as it could damage Biden’s campaign. Better yet, Twitter should censor it.

Jacob Chanceley
Officers were seen behind the chancellery throughout the US Capitol.

Reasonable people troubled by the events of January 6 may wonder what else the committee left out after watching the Chancellery video. Their hatred is tempered by disbelief.

As someone who knows the lab leak is likely true, he’s curious about what else the CDC isn’t telling us.

What news is being suppressed today, will become common knowledge tomorrow?

that The damage is done when the public is told not to ask questions.

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