Zach Wilson ‘one of the biggest problems’ with Jets: Chris Long


The Jets may be sticking with Zach Wilson as their starting quarterback, but former NFL defensive end Chris Long believes it’s weighing the team down big time. 

The Jets have gone 0-2 in Wilson’s starts this season after they lost future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers during the first series of the season opener.

Wilson has struggled in both games while head coach Robert Saleh has remained headstrong in keeping Wilson as his starter. 

But Long called it Wilson’s play “the obvious elephant in the room.” 

“The guy is probably one of the biggest problems with the team, if not the biggest problem,” Long said during an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show.” 

The 11-year NFL vet said he had noticed that there are still people out there defending Wilson and Long conceded that the Jets didn’t get a lot of separation at times during Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots. 

That didn’t change Long’s basic premise that because of Wilson’s poor play, there’s an impact on a number of other guys in the room. 

“The issue is everybody in the locker room is suffering because of poor quarterback play,” Long said. “It’s not like when you draft a guy at linebacker. He’s going to affect maybe the defenders in front of him. Some of the reads in the passing game. The quarterback, Garrett Wilson not getting the ball, you know, he’s rotting there. 

“He’s an elite wide receiver. His career could change because they can’t get him a guy to throw the ball to (him).”

Long also pointed to the rough start to the season that the offensive line has had this season.

Zach Wilson (2) hands the ball off to New York Jets running back Breece Hall.
Robert Sabo for NY Post

He questioned how much of that was on them and how much resulted from Wilson holding onto the ball too long. 

“The entire organization feels it when the quarterback can’t get on, get going,” he continued. “I feel for those guys. I feel for Zach Wilson cause just when he thinks a lifeboat – Aaron Rodgers – maybe I can quietly wait in the wings for a few years. … I don’t know how you come back from this, whatever the next chapter is for him.” 

Long knows a thing or two about what it takes to win, having won the Super Bowl twice.

Chris Long sees Zach Wilson holding the Jets back this season.
Chris Long sees Zach Wilson holding the Jets back this season.
The Rich Eisen Showq

He spent time with the Rams, Patriots and Eagles during the course of his career. 

Through three games this season, Wilson has thrown 44 passes for 467 yards and two touchdowns.

He helped the Jets win their season opener over Buffalo, but the team has lost to Dallas and New England since.

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